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Dr. Parks has recently written a book about understanding how chronic pain develops and ways you can manage pain and get back to the life you love. Despite the advances in understanding how the brain and body produce pain, the standard methods used to treat chronic pain often leave sufferers with short-term relief and serious long-term complications. If you have tried medications, injections, implanted stimulation devices, or surgeries and are still in pain, then you are ready for an approach based on the latest advances in neuroscience and pain psychology. Written in plain everyday language, you will learn how the brain and body produce pain, how the nervous system can be rewired, and how you can move forward with your life.

Let this book be your guide to getting your life back and you will learn: 

  • The different types of pain and their causes.
  • How to calm down your overactive nervous system and reduce your pain.
  • The three steps to active pain management that will get you moving again.
  • How to manage the stress that comes with chronic pain.
  • How to move forward when pain is getting in your way.
  • How to actively rewire your brain.

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