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If you’re frustrated because you struggle with chronic pain, the Pain Rehab podcast will help. Followers of the podcast enjoy the way Dr. Evan Parks guides you through short, easy to follow exercises that help you calm your nervous system and get back to the life you want to live. Subscribe now and listen to clear explanations of chronic pain and neuroscience in easy to understand language. Follow simple exercises that will help you focus your attention, manage pain, and reduce your stress.

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How I avoided more back surgery and learned to manage my pain.

I was married, 29-years-old, and my wife was staying at home with our son who was about 12 months old. That is when I lost my job. No problem, I thought, I will just find a new job.I only found part-time jobs, all with no benefits. I finally started working in a retail store that at least had the promise of benefits if I stayed with them long enough. The constant job-hopping and financial strain put a lot of pressure on our marriage. My wife went back to work and our son went to daycare.I was sleeping poorly, working long hours, arguing with my wife, and unhappy. I picked up another part-time job to help with money. That is when I hurt my back.

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Working in pain rehabilitation puts me in contact with many people who struggle with chronic pain. I also meet people with chronic pain in stores, parks, parties, churches, and at my public lectures. In many of these encounters, I ask pain sufferers, “Have you come across someone like yourself who has been battling the kind of chronic pain you have right now?” Almost every person answers the question with ‘no’, they have never met a person who had, for example, 12 surgeries, or fibromyalgia, or pain that switches from one area of their body to another.

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